Coronavirus Services


Coronavirus Services

Government Guidance for Community Volunteers During COVID-19 Outbreak

A national effort is required to tackle the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and it is understood that people want to help others who are already ill or at particular risk. 

Please see the Safeguarding and DBS Factsheet, which has been designed to address specific concerns that people involved in supporting their community may have at this time. 

We would encourage everyone who would like to help and support their neighbours, friends, family and the community around them, to register as an NHS volunteer. To register, please follow this link:

Here are the ways you can support as an NHS Volunteer:

Community Response volunteer

Patient Transport volunteer

NHS Transport volunteer

Check-in and Chat volunteer

ASDA and Marks and Spencer Contactless ‘Volunteer Card’ to Help People Self-isolating

Asda and Marks & Spencer have launched volunteer shopping cards to enable the elderly, vulnerable and those self-isolating to have their shopping collected by volunteers safely and securely.

In response to the number of people having to rely on friends, neighbours and NHS volunteers to get their groceries for them, the two retailers have launched dedicated e-cards online, which allow self-isolating shoppers to buy a voucher which they can give to someone else to use on their behalf in store.

The scheme has been designed to create a “contact free” and safe way for people to provide funds to those shopping on their behalf and gives customers confidence that they do not need to share bank or card details.

Read the full article for more information.

Carers UK Coronavirus Guidance 

As the situation with coronavirus evolves, it’s important to know what support is available to you as a carer and those you look after.

Visit the Carers UK website to see the current government guidance as it relates to carers and offers suggestions for making plans. Our guidance also covers what you need to do to be prepared, including contingency planning, staying away from others, protecting someone you care for, if you have care workers or other home help, and information for working carers. We have also produced some tips on maintaining your mental wellbeing during these challenging times.

Coronavirus Practical Information for Disabled People

At Disability Rights UK we are well aware that the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing great uncertainty and stress among our community. Alongside our regular e-news round up, we will also be sending you some e-newsletters on Coronavirus – this one provides information on and links to government and institutional guidance, and another will focus on policy around the virus, with particular relevance to disabled people.

This information is also available on our website:

South East Water Vulnerable Persons Register
If you or anyone you live with has any additional needs, please register for our Priority Services, so we can help support you, for example by bringing you water in the event of a water outage in your area (not just during this period but for as long as you need our support).

Registering for Priority Services Register entitles you to free services for yourself, a friend or a family member. Please see the South East Water website for more information on this service.

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