Messages from the Chairman Don Wright and Tracey Elmore


Messages from the Chairman Don Wright and Tracey Elmore

Update 21/04/21

Message from the Chairman:

Last week my wife had her second ASTRA ZENECA  vaccination. This is a lady who normally has a reaction to any jab she has, but no not this time, absolutely no after effects at all and a pain free injection.

Don’t be taken in by all you read and hear on the media, trust the NHS and have your Covid-19 jab. The massive drop in the death rate in the UK must be down to something.

Don Wright

Message from (former) Chief Officer

Are you weighing up the risks and benefits of choosing whether or not to have the Covid vaccine?

I would like to offer some information that may help with your decision.  Recently my daughter contracted Covid from school, this was a surprise to not only our family but to her teachers and especially her friends as my daughter is particularly careful upon leaving the house to follow the guidance of wearing a face mask, washing her hands regularly, using hand sanitiser and socially distancing from others.  This news was extremely distressing to us as not only were we very worried on how this would affect my daughter who is currently in the midst of taking her A level exams, we were worried how this would affect family members (one vulnerable shielded and one with underlying health conditions) who my daughter was so very keen in protecting. 

Our family had taken the decision earlier this year to protect ourselves from Covid and had the vaccine, (Astro Zeneca and Pfizer).  Throughout our isolation period my daughter kept herself to her room, we made sure that any areas outside of her room that she went into were thoroughly cleaned.  My daughter experienced flu like symptoms, a persistent cough and extreme tiredness.  She lost both her sense of taste and smell but not her appetite.  Her symptoms carried on for just over a week, during this time period family members took Covid lateral flow tests and I am happy to say that no members became ill or displayed any symptoms at all and we continue to take these tests. 

My daughter has now recovered and the only symptom to persist is the no sense of taste or smell.  I thoroughly believe that without the protection of the vaccines members of my family would have required hospitalisation and I am so very glad that we made the decision to have the vaccine.  I would recommend to everyone 100% to have the vaccine not only for your protection but for your peace of mind against Covid.

Tracey Elmore

Update 22/03/2021

I thought I should update you on some news re vaccine effects.

I received my second vaccine last Thursday, and apart from a small soreness when I laid on that arm at night there was nothing else, in fact all soreness had gone by the morning.

I had told you about my cousin who is receiving chemo, and that she had received some bad side effects after her first vaccination. Well she had her second after discussions with her doctors which included taking paracetamol before and after and she had absolutely no side effects. Check with your Doctor before you try that.

There is a huge amount of bad publicity being put about by certain Senior European Politicians against the Astra Zeneca vaccine, despite what the Medical Experts are saying, including the Americans today.  Listen to what our Medical Experts are telling you, politicians under pressure are not very good at medical advise. Over the years many people have told me that they were very ill after having the flu vaccine and have never had it since. Most of those have happily had the Covid vaccine, and have had no major side effects. One friend who is in his eighties had constantly refused to have the flu jab, but didn’t hesitate about the Covid jab, he has now had number 2.

Take care of yourselves, and as Corporal Jones would say “Don’t panic”.

Don Wright


30/12/2020 message

On December 30th 2020, I had my first Covid-19 jab and during the next two weeks will have my second one.

I had no major complications. merely a slightly sore arm, when I slept on it that night, after that it was fine. Because she was in the age group below me my wife had her  jab a month ago, and did have some soreness (she was Astro Zeneca, I was Pfizer.). In fact she had less reaction than she would normally have with her flu jab. 

Both of us were very relieved to have been given the protection.

I know that there are lots of people who are refusing to have the Jab for a myriad of reasons. I also know that we will all know someone who had problems. In my case it was a cousin, but the reason behind hers was the  chemo she is on. She was given the opportunity when she went for the jab to refuse it, but she took the decision that she felt safer having it. The complications she had have all gone and she is feeling fine, they will take a decision when it comes to the second one on the way forward.

We can all see from the figures, the effect the jab is having on hospital admissions and deaths. Think very carefully about rejecting the vaccine, it may save your life.

Don Wright

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