Bus passes for older or disabled people

To support earlier shopping trips, as an emergency and temporary measure, the majority of bus services across Kent are accepting older or disabled person’s bus passes before 9:30am at no charge.

We are unable to deal with any postal applications at the current time as we are unable to access inbound post.

To apply please use our online application form or email

Gravesend to Tilbury Ferry

Due to social distancing a maximum capacity of 20 persons have been enforced for passenger safety.

Passengers wishing to avoid crowded spaces are requested to use alternative sailings.

There will be two exceptions (for the interest of school children travelling to and from the last few days of school), the 7:25am and 4pm sailings will operate at the normal capacity of 50.School children wishing to travel outside these times will still be permitted however will be subject to the restricted capacity/social distancing measures.

Government advice is changing daily, please check one of the following for more updated information:

Kent Karrier

The Kent Karrier continues to be available to members who need it most. The service should only be used as a means to access essential services and shopping and if members are able to get their shopping and access essential services in any other way, they should do so.

We will allow each Kent Karrier member who needs to, to nominate a friend, neighbour or relative to use the Kent Karrier to collect members’ shopping.

The member or their nominee will need to pay for the journey as usual, and the nominee will need to be picked up from and dropped back at the member’s address with their shopping and/ or medicines.

The booking will still need to be made by the Kent Karrier member and when the booking is made, the operator should be told that the member is making use of the nomination system and who the nominee is. The nominee will need to quote the Kent Karrier membership number, so members need to make their nominees aware of their Kent Karrier membership number.

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to process any new member application forms. If you have sent correspondence or applications to the office since 23 March please note that this is currently unlikely to be picked up.

No Kent Karrier renewals will be issued at present but any members whose membership ran out from January 2020 onwards, will continue to be a member of the Kent Karrier and have the right to use the service until further notice. Members do not need to contact us or do anything else even if their membership is expiring. Until further notice, they can carry on using the service as usual if they are unable to nominate someone to do so on their behalf.

KCC Travel Saver and 16+ Travel Saver

KCC Travel Saver and 16+ Travel Saver bus passes will continue to be valid on all bus services during usual valid periods despite the closure of schools.

Parents have asked us questions about how our Travel Saver schemes will be operating in future and whether we will be providing compensation for bus passes unable to be used because of school closures. For more information please visit our your questions answered page.

Requests for replacement passes can still be made over the phone and online and we are trying to arrange for these to be sent to your home address directly.

With lots of schools closed, many children not travelling and bus services being suspended, we have decided to temporarily suspend applications for passes.

Free home to school transport (including SEN transport)

The government advice remains to avoid the use of shared transport at the current time. As the demand for services is currently very low, we are only providing services where:

children are going to school

children do not have any other means to travelling to and from school.

If your child is going back to school and uses free school transport, find out how we can help your child attend school and make sure transport is in place.

Using public bus services

The national guidance about public transport remains that you should avoid it where possible.

Special timetables will be in place from 1 June to assist with the reopening of some schools and businesses, so please check with the bus operator before travelling.

As the current guidance is to avoid public transport where possible and as schools are not open for the majority of students, dedicated school services will not operate. If we become aware that there is a need which cannot met by other modes of transport or the Monday to Friday bus service, we will work with schools and operators to reinstate school bus services.

Additional guidance was introduced on 15 June, we have put together 3 simple steps to make sure that your journey is as safe as possible:

Be prepared: plan your journey in advance if possible, avoiding peak times. Have your face covering ready and consider using contactless payment or have the exact change ready.

At the bus stop: give others space and be prepared to wait longer than usual.

On the bus: you must wear a face covering. Follow operator guidance, do not close any windows and sit only where you’re instructed to.

Buses to hospitals

To help key workers get to and from Kent hospitals, we have arranged for some of our funded bus services to continue on Sundays.

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