Job Description: Community Projects Coordinator

Responsible to:




Chief Officer

£TBA per annum

(increase subject to annual performance review)

37.5 per week


Purpose of the Job:

·         To work towards the reduction of health inequality in Park Wood and the wider Maidstone community.

·         To ensure that Fusion Maidstone addresses the needs of local people by providing information and engaging the community through a range of activities and volunteering opportunities.

·         To ensure that community members’ views are always sought and included in the development of the services of Fusion Maidstone.

·         To support “seldom heard” people in developing self- sustaining groups which increase participation and inclusion.  

Main duties and responsibilities:

  1. Positive engagement with community members to assess what needs, assets and skills are within the area in relation to health and wellbeing.

  2. Raise awareness and understanding of issues which have been identified in regards to poor health and wellbeing within the community.

  3. Support local people to make changes themselves.

  4. Support and develop opportunities for local people with partner organisations and groups.

  5. Provide information on Fusion Maidstone, services provided and help solve problems.

  6. Talk to a wide range of customers and find the best service for their needs.

  7. Alongside community members, develop self-supporting community groups.

  8. Support local people to work together to advocate on behalf of the community and identify leadership and training opportunities.

  9. Bring community groups together to support partnership working and a shared community vision.

  10. Work towards a long term strategy in reducing health inequalities within Park Wood and the wider Maidstone area in partnership with community members and partners.

  11. Plan, attend and coordinate meetings and events with partner organisations.

  12. Responsible for recruitment to healthy living projects.

  13. Responsible for output/outcomes, monitoring and mental health wellbeing evaluations i.e. the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) of users accessing Fusion Maidstone on all projects/activities. Assist with KCC Public Health monitoring reports.

  14. Be accountable for the day to day operations of Fusion Maidstone in the absence of the Chief Officer.

  15. Carry out general administration duties including reporting and evaluation of the project.

  16. Book and take payments for events and services.

  17. Responsible for signposting and referrals i.e. food bank.

  18. Responsible for project bid funding applications, budgets and monitoring/evaluation reports.

  19. Responsible for recruiting and managing all Fusion Maidstone’s volunteers.

  20. Updating the Operational Manual i.e. covering checklists and instructions for staff and volunteers.

  21. Responsible for keeping contact, organisation, partner and project lists up to date and accurate.

  22. Responsible for updating Fusion Maidstone’s social media accounts on various platforms (Facebook/Twitter, etc.), the Café TV screens and literature display stands.

  23. Organise and work with volunteers to update and circulate Fusion Maidstone’s ‘What’s On’ brochure/newsletter, Public Health England campaigns, and promotional materials via partner organisations, doctor’s surgeries etc.

  24. Increase and sustain Fusion Maidstone’s profile in the community and with partners i.e. through the local newspapers, radio stations and partner organisations magazines i.e. Maidstone Borough Council Insight /Golding Homes Matters magazines.

  25. Keep store room organised.

  26. Behave in a professional manner at all times with customers and partners.

  27. Act as a key holder in ensuring that Fusion Maidstone is opened and closed correctly.

  28. Comply with all Company Policies and Procedures in all respects.

  29. Have a commitment to the vision set out by Fusion Maidstone of inclusion and equality and a contribution to Fusion Maidstone’s Equal Opportunities Policy

  30. Carry out general administration duties including reporting and evaluation of the project.

  31. Cover reception if unmanned.

  32. Be prepared to work occasional evenings and/or weekends if required.

  33. Provide cover for general duties during sickness and annual leave periods.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties, you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within Fusion Maidstone and the overall business objectives of Fusion Maidstone Healthy Living Centre.

Person Specification: Community Projects Coordinator

The following outlines the criteria for this post.   Applicants who have a disability and who meet the minimum criteria will be shortlisted.  

Applicants should describe in their application how they meet these criteria:





(if essential)

GCSE’s or equivalent A-C grade

Relevant qualification in  health, community or social work


Experience of community engagement/ development work

Experience of working with seldom heard groups.

Experience of monitoring and reporting outcomes

Experience working with volunteers and within a voluntary organization

Experience of advocating on behalf of communities.

Experience of developing

projects which are community led


Able to prioritise workload and to work to deadlines.

Able to work using own initiative and manage own time.

Good organisational skills.

Good report writing skills.

Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

The ability to travel across a wide geographical area in a timely and flexible manner at various times of the day is essential



Good understanding of Community Development

Good understanding of the Charity Sector

Good understanding of local and national context in relation to Health and Wellbeing and Communities. 

Knowledge of Fusion Maidstone and the services it provides.


Able to work with and be sensitive to the needs of the local population



Good team worker

Strong interpersonal skills


Creativity and innovation

A commitment to social justice and inclusion.

A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The post holder will demonstrate the ability to work under pressure and provide support to members of staff.


Willing to undertake a DBS check