Giving you the green light to help yourself and your local community

We are looking for a range of volunteers!

What is a Fusion Volunteer and how do I start?

Volunteering is not a way for Fusion to get “something for nothing”!  In fact, the reverse is true, because we are always looking for how we can help you,, whilst you also help us, and, most importantly help your local community. Have you got 2 minutes? If so, read on….

Here are some of the ways people make a real difference to their local community, and to the lives of others, whilst gaining real benefit themselves from the process:

  • Café assistants, serving all sorts of people in our community cafe (no experience necessary, but if you are a TV Chef, we’ll use you too!
  • Food preparation assistants (cafe)
  • Computer supervisor, helping people to log on to our internet PCs (and helping those who aren’t as good with computers as you)
  • Office assistants, helping our busy admin team
  • Fundraisers
  • Activities Assistants
  • Practical helpers (care-taking, (light DIY) lifting and shifting (male or female-we don’t discriminate!)
  • Publicity team, (like healthy walks? We have plenty of leaflets to distribute!)

Without our committed team of highly motivated volunteers we would not be able to offer that service that we currently do. 

What do I gain from Volunteering?

Plenty. Maybe you are a younger person who wants to gain some work experience, maybe get some certificates in food hygiene, health and safety, etc. Those who complete a placement with us successfully can ask for help writing their CV and ask for a reference to help in moving into paid employment.

Perhaps you are an older person who feels that you still have much to give to your community, and by working with us you can share your skills and experience with younger volunteers?


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