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Drop-In Youth Wellbeing Café

Did you know that Mid Kent Mind provide a safe, virtual drop-in space for young people between the ages of 9 and 18?
Our Youth Wellbeing Café takes place every week on a Tuesday, providing a drop-in session which young people can access between 4pm and 5pm. The Café aims to provide young people with a safe space where they can seek support from both our staff and their peers whilst also taking part in fun activities like quizzes, crafts and more.
There is no cost to attend our Wellbeing Café sessions – but notifying us that a young person may attend is useful in allowing us to prepare for additional numbers.
For more details, click here.


FREE Coping with Life Courses

Mid Kent Mind are continuing to offer FREE spaces on our Coping with Life programme for individuals who are registered with Live Well Kent.
Over the course of a five-week programme, people will have the opportunity to learn more about Anxiety, Stress and Depression, and will allow them to explore these problems and learn more about positive and proactive coping mechanisms can be used to manage them.
This course aims to equip people with the tools and the knowledge to overcome adversities which they may face throughout life.
For more details, click here.


Mind the Knife

‘Mind the Knife’ Programme for Secondary School aged children

Mid-Kent Mind are pleased to be partnering with Youth Resilience UK to deliver a brand-new programme in Maidstone, known as ‘Mind the Knife’.

The programme has been funded by the Home Office and the Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and aims to look at the potential ties between knife crime and poor mental health.

Over the course of a five-week programme, young people will have the opportunity to explore practical ideas around how they can keep themselves safe without breaking the law. This will be combined with a resilience-driven focus, encouraging young people to build and develop positive coping strategies which help to boost both their self-esteem and confidence – leading to an improved self-image.

The programme will combine M-K Mind’s wellbeing and resilience focus with Youth Resilience UK’s specialist knowledge around knife crime – enabling the course to go more in-depth around particular problem areas which young people may encounter.

For more details, visit the following webpage:


New FREE Dates For Life After Lockdown Course – A Course For Ages 9-18

Mid Kent Mind are pleased to be offering new dates for our Life After Lockdown Course – a course which has been funded through The National Lottery Community Fund, and which has been developed in partnership with Youth Resilience UK.
This course aims to look at some of the key areas which may have been affected during the pandemic – including social networks, isolation and also how we can manage our relationships following periods of lockdown.
The hope is to use this course as a platform to explore the anxieties facing young people as we return to a ‘new normal’, so that we can better equip them with the tools and the emotional resilience to thrive in this new environment.
For more details on the dates for this course, and how young people can access them, please visit their website.


Next Round Of FREE Mental Health Awareness Training Launched For Mental Health Awareness Week

Mid Kent Mind are excited to be able to debut the next lot of dates for our highly-demanded Mental Health Awareness Training – just in time to mark the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week.
These free sessions cover a range of different topics – including Stress, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, and more. New for this batch of dates is a brand-new course looking at Psychosis, as well as the removal of charges for our Social Media and Mental Health course – meaning there are now more options than ever under our free ‘Mental Health Awareness’ training.
For more details on all the new dates, and how you can access them, please visit our website.


FREE Mindfulness Sessions For Young People

Mid Kent Mind are offering free spaces on Virtual Mindfulness and Me sessions for young people between the ages of 9 and 18 this June.
These five-week courses aim to educate young people about Mindfulness – helping them to understand how they can acknowledge and accept their thoughts, feelings and body sensations in positive ways.
The course is designed to help young people to better understand how Mindfulness can be another proactive tool in their toolbox for coping when they may experience periods of mental ill health.
For more details on this free programme, click here.


Mid Kent Mind’s Youth Wellbeing Café

Mid Kent Mind are continuing to offer a weekly virtual Wellbeing Café for young people living in the Mid Kent area – providing them with access to a moderated safe space where they can take part in wellbeing activities and benefit from peer-to-peer support.
Our virtual youth wellbeing café is takes the format of a ZOOM room which is facilitated and run by Mid Kent Mind Wellbeing Workers – who will arrange a series of activities like quizzes for young people to take part in, whilst also offering them additional support around any problems which they may be experiencing.
MKM are currently offering two different groups – one from 4pm – 5pm for young people between the ages of 9 and 13, and one from 5:30pm – 6:30pm for young people between the ages of 14 and 18.
For more details on this service, and how young people can access it, please visit the Mid Kent mind website.


We are with you mind and body

Mind and Body is an award-winning programme from we are with you which helps young people to explore and better manage the thoughts and actions associated with self-harm. They support young people to improve their wellbeing. The programme has been developed in consultation with young people and mental health professionals and draws on the experience of We Are With You (formerly Addaction) in delivering evidence-based early interventions with young people.We are commissioned by Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to work with young people aged between 13-25 years old in Kent and 18-25 years old in Medway. We support those who are identified as being vulnerable to specified self-harming behaviours. These behaviours include (but are not limited to) cutting, burning, picking, bruising, scratching, self-poisoning and self-strangulation.Mind and Body delivers programmes in school and community settings. Additionally, they also offer family support and training packages. All of their services are free of charge to those they support.

To download the self referral form and with are with you guide book click the download buttons below.


Mid Kent Mind Offer New Course For Young People Aged 9 – 18 Aimed At Tackling ‘Life After Lockdown’

Mid Kent Mind are offering a brand-new, four-week programme of one hour sessions for young people between the ages of nineteen and eighteen – known as ‘Life After Lockdown’.
This new programme aims to provide young people with a safe space to explore social networks, isolation, and also how we manage our relationships following the long-term lockdown which has been necessary during the pandemic. We hope that by exploring these subject areas, we will provide young people with the chance to reflect on the anxieties which may be facing them today.
All spaces on these courses are available free-of-charge, with courses commencing from the end of this month. Click here for more details.


Mid-Kent Mind Mindfulness and Me

Mid Kent Mind are continuing to offer FREE dates for our Mindfulness sessions – providing people with the opportunity to learn more about what Mindfulness is, and how practicing it can make a difference in our day-to-day lives.

Mindfulness and Me focusses on teaching individuals more about mindfulness – and how they can acknowledge and accept their thoughts, feelings and body sensations in positive ways. The course is designed to help people to understand how Mindfulness can be a beneficial tool when it comes to building emotional resilience – helping people to manage their mental health proactively so that they can prevent themselves from experiencing periods of mental ill health.
For more details, click on either of the links below to learn more about how you can book onto this programme.

Adult Courses
Youth Courses


FREE Eating Disorder Training

Mid Kent Mind are continuing to offer a free Eating Disorder course as a part of our wider training offerings under the ‘mental health awareness’ banner.

This training session incorporates elements on Self-Harm, and also facts and awareness around Eating Disorders. Over the course of a three hour session people will have the opportunity to: 

  • Recognise signs and understand the causes of Self-Harm.
  • Gain an awareness of the ‘Self-Harm Cycle’.
  • Understand the myths around Self-Harm, and how harm minimisation and delay techniques can prevent the desire to self-harm. 
  • Recognise signs of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating and OSFED 
  • Understand Body Dysmorphia and Muscle Dysmorphia
  • Understand the cause and maintenance factors associated with Eating Disorders 
  • Explore the link between Autism and Anorexia Nervosa

All spaces on these training sessions are available for free – but we do recommend people book spaces on either our introductory or intermediate Mental Health Awareness sessions before undertaking these higher-level training sessions.

For more details on all of our Mental Health Awareness training, click here:


Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime. If you have been a victim of fraud you call report to the Action Fraud website here or call 0300 123 2040 Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm. If you are calling from abroad please call +44 300 123 2040.


BeYou Project

The BeYou Project supports LGBT+ young people in Kent (and is part of the charity Porchlight). We were hoping you can help us spread an important message about new support that’s available to young people throughout lockdown and beyond. 

For some young people they support, being LGBT+ can conflict with their cultural background. Because of this, we’re now running virtual meet-ups for LGBT+ young people from faith backgrounds, LGBT+ young people from BAME backgrounds, and under-12s and their families. 

You can find out more about the groups here: 


Mid Kent Mind Re-Introduce Mind The Knife Programme

Mid Kent Mind are excited to be re-introducing a programme which we ran with great success in a face-to-face format before the pandemic begun.  
This programme is known as ‘Mind The Knife’ and is designed to explore how young people who have not had the opportunity to develop their emotional resilience may be drawn into crime and other illicit activities. 
This programme is aimed as an early intervention to help young people forward plan for the future – equipping them with the tools and the knowledge to ensure that they can craft the future which they want for themselves in a positive and proactive way, and avoid the negative influences which may have otherwise seemed appealing to them. By boosting young people’s self-esteem and their confidence, we aim to equip them with the capabilities to make the best decisions for themselves. 
For more details on the Mind The Knife Programme, and to find out how to refer a young person onto the programme, please click here.


Kent resilience hub

HeadStart Kent is part of Kent County Council’s Integrated Children’s Services and aims to help young people cope better when faced with difficult circumstances in their lives, preventing them from experiencing common mental health problems. The programme is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund to provide the resources to develop approaches that support young people to develop their own resilience to cope with the everyday pressures they may face throughout their lives. HeadStart Kent aims to make changes through schools, families and within communities and has been designed with young people at its heart.

To learn more about the resilience hub click here and for mood spark which caters fro those aged 10-16 click here


Virtual Wellbeing Café

Mid-Kent Mind have developed a Digital Chatroom which will be accessible for young people during this period, providing them with access to a moderated safe space where they can seek peer support.

Our Youth Wellbeing Cafe currently takes the format of a ZOOM room where young people can take part in a Quiz and other online activities facilitated by our Wellbeing Workers. 

These sessions have been made possible thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. For more information about this service click here.


Early Help Programme

Mid Kent Mind are working with Kent County Council’s Early Help teams to offer mental health and wellbeing support to young people in Kent as a part of the Early Help Programme.

As a part of the programme, we have been funded to offer a Cognitive Behavioural Course (CBC) known as Bounce Back, and have also been funded to offer one-to-one support in the form of Youth Recovery Action Plans.

More details on both these courses can be found by clicking here.


Digital Support From The Reaching Communities Youth Programme

Mid Kent Mind have been generously awarded £449,000 by the National Lottery Community Fund to deliver Youth Support in both Maidstone and Swale for five years – starting in 2019. The programme aims to fund an assortment of different support.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) courses will be provided for young people alongside a drop-in Wellbeing Café service – providing young people with opportunities to develop their knowledge of coping mechanisms and seek support for poor mental health. This is combined with interactive training for young people in the form of Mental Health First Aid – providing young people with opportunities to access training which will increase their knowledge of different mental health problems. 

Alongside support for young people, the programme also aims to introduce training opportunities for adults – with both Youth Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness courses taking place. These courses will aim to increase adult confidence around mental health in young people, so that adults feel better prepared to support young people who may be struggling with their wellbeing. for more information click here.


Free Emotional Resilience Course For Young People Between The Ages of 9-18 Starting This February

Mid Kent Mind are also offering new dates on our Emotional Resilience course, Bounce Back, to young people in the local area. This course is available free-of-charge thanks to funding from both Kent County Council’s Early Help Programme, and The National Lottery’s Community Fund.
Over the course of six-weeks, young people will have the opportunity to learn more about how they can combat stress, deal with emotions, and reduce anxiety – equipping them with the tools and the knowledge to ‘bounce back’ from the challenges which they may face in life.
All spaces are available free of charge – with a limited number of spaces available on each course. Our first course kicks off on the 1st of February – so book now to avoid disappointment.
For more details on the course, and to book a space for a young person, please visit our website.


Brand New Youth Wellbeing Café Drop-In Service Aimed At People In Higher-Education

Mid Kent Mind are pleased to be offering a brand-new service for young people who may be in Higher Education – a Youth Wellbeing Café drop-in service which will run every Friday night from 5:30pm till 6:30pm from the 12th of February 2021.

We understand that young people who are in higher education are facing incredible stress during this pandemic – with extensive disruption to their education, and long hours spent isolated in student accommodation. Our goal with this group is simple – to provide a safe and welcoming space where young people can come along, socialise and benefit from peer-to-peer support.
The Café will be free for young people to access, and will be available for anyone between the ages of 16 & 21. Whilst the service is intended as a drop-in service, we also welcome people notifying us of attendance in advance – as this ensures access if numbers exceed the capacity we are able to facilitate.
For more details, please visit our website


Mid-Kent Mind Low Cost Counselling Service

Mid Kent Mind are pleased to share that our Low Cost Counselling Service is continuing to operate on a remote basis currently – providing people with access to over-the-phone or video-call counselling sessions at the flat rate of just £15 per session.

Our Low Cost Counselling service aims to:

Give you a safe time and place to talk to someone who won’t judge you.

Help you make sense of things and understand yourself better.

Help you to resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them.

Help you to recognise unhelpful patterns in the way you think or act, and find ways to change them (if you want to).

A large number of our Counsellors are trainees that are BACP registered and are undertaking a BACP recognised counselling qualification. As part of their training they have all been assessed and have proved capable of practice within a counselling service.

With ongoing training and supervision the trainee counsellors must usually practice 100 hours of counselling in order to become qualified. It is within these hours that your counselling sessions will take place if you are counselled by a trainee counsellor.

Because the majority of our counsellors are trainees we are able to offer this affordable `Low Cost’ Counselling service to people with lower level mental health problems such as mild to moderate depression or anxiety.

For more details on our Low Cost Counselling Service, visit our website.


Fake Vaccine scam

Fraudsters are sending out bogus text messages about the coronavirus vaccine in an attempt to steal bank details.

The scam tells recipients they are “eligible to apply for your vaccine” with a link to a bogus NHS website, trading standards officers have warned.

That, in turn, asks for personal information and – crucially – bank details “for verification”.

The warning comes the same day as MPs heard that Covid is leading some people into the net of pension fraudsters.

The fake NHS message is one of a range of scams which have sought to take advantage of the pandemic and the isolation and legitimate worries of potential victims, according to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Others have included people travelling door-to-door selling counterfeit or useless protection equipment, or fraudsters claiming to be from the official test and trace service and demanding payments.

The latest scam is preying on those elderly or vulnerable people who are fully expecting to receive legitimate information about their vaccine.

Health authorities have stressed they would never ask for an individual’s banking details.

Fake text message

Katherine Hart, lead office at the CTSI, said: “I have been tracking and warning the public about Covid-related scams since the beginning of the pandemic, and at every stage of response, unscrupulous individuals have modified their campaigns to defraud the public.

“The vaccine brings great hope for an end to the pandemic and lockdowns, but some only wish to create even further misery by defrauding others. The NHS will never ask you for banking details, passwords, or PIN numbers and these should serve as instant red flags.”

She urged people to report the scams to Action Fraud or Police Scotland.

File picture of older people
image captionPensions have been stolen or put into high-risk schemes

The warning came as MPs on the Work and Pensions Select Committee heard how fraudsters were seizing on victims’ financial uncertainty during the pandemic to draw them into pension scams.

Rules allowing people to withdraw cash from their pension pot from the age of 55 have led some people to move money into investment schemes which look generous, but are simply vehicles to steal money.

“Household finances are stretched and so the temptations to use savings or to be tempted by offers of ‘free pension reviews’, for example, which we’ve warned about, are very real,” Mark Steward, from the Financial Conduct Authority told the committee.

“Of course, a ‘free pension review’ is hardly free. It is the first step on a process that will lead someone to investing in something that is too good to be true.”

Social media misuse

He said that fraudsters had used social media advertising to “industrialise” this kind of fraud.

Whereas previously, fraudsters had to produce sophisticated glossy brochures and office fronts, they could now operate in anonymity on social media, sending fake information to millions of people.

Millions of pounds have been lost to pension scams in recent years, but it is a crime considered to be widely under-reported by victims and pension companies.

Graeme Biggar, director general of the National Economic Crime Centre, told the committee that fraudsters were continuing to use new avenues to reach potential victims.

“What we’re looking to do next is to move on to fake comparison websites, which is this new gateway into investment frauds, to spot those and take them down at source,” he said.


Claming Universal Credit after prison release

from 20 March

On release, you should make your claim online as soon as possible

  1. Input your claim online as soon as possible after release
  2. You will be contacted to arrange an interview over the phone
  3. Your personal details will be verified over the phone
  4. You will be supported with applying for an advance

If you don’t have access to or are not able to use a computer:

Call 0800 328 5644

(Welsh Language  0800 328 1744 or text-phone  0800 328 1344)

  • We will input your claim over the phone
  • Verify your personal details
  • Support you with applying for an advance

All personal details will be fully verified at a later date

If you do not have access to a computer or telephone you may still be able to get support in the Jobcentre when you leave prison            

If you have:

  • been confirmed as having Coronavirus
  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

You must stay at home, self-isolate and contact us by phone

If you are over pension age you may need to claim pension credit –

            For all new claims you will need:

  • A valid email address
  • Bank account details (If you don’t have your own account you may use a trusted friend or family member’s account as a one-off)
  • If you don’t have a bank account Jobcentre will support you to receive payment via our emergency ‘Payment Exception Service’. You will receive printed voucher or code to your mobile and you collect cash via a PayPoint shop
  • Details of your accommodation, including any housing costs

The Resilience Awards

The Resilience Awards is a great way for the achievements of young people to be recognised. The past year hasn’t been easy, and we are still facing challenges now, but young people have still managed to be amazing, looking after themselves, those around them, and reaching out in the community. These awards are designed to acknowledge this achievement throughout the past year and beyond.
Designed with young people for young people, there are opportunities to achieve awards in 4 areas;
Mental Health Hero
Skill Superstar
Ready to Learn
Kindness Champion.
Young people are invited to share evidence and claim a limited edition badge and certificate for each award and will be featured in an online celebration of the resilience of young people in Kent.
To find out more information and to apply visit
For more information on how to promote this to young people in your area please contact Sarah and Zoe using the following email:


Kent Youth County Council

KYCC are currently recruiting for new members to get involved in campaigning on the issues important to young people across Kent. This year’s election process is a little different to previous years, we have extended the membership of all KYCC members from 2020 by 1 year, however, we do still have a number of available Member Seats across the county and recruiting to these. Sign up now to be included in our online elections in January 2021.
KYCC meetings are currently taking place virtually once a month on a Saturday.
KYCC is open to young people aged 11 – 18 years who live or go to school in Kent.
Currently, KYCC members are working on campaigns about Mental Health, Curriculum for Life and Environmental Awareness, as well as project groups on anti-bullying, public transport, Equality for all young people and Keeping Kent Safe.
To learn more about KYCC and to get involved please register your interest at


FREE One-to-One Mental Health Support Available

Mid Kent Mind are pleased to share that we are continuing to offer FREE mental health support in the form of one-to-one Recovery Action Plans.
Over the course of six weekly sessions, participants work with a wellbeing worker to take steps to improve their wellbeing. With the support of the wellbeing worker, they will have the opportunity to set realistic and timely goals which they have identified in areas where they feel they could improve their wellbeing.
The RAP is designed to allow an individual to take a holistic look at their life – identifying areas where they may be able to further build their emotional resilience.
For more details, please click here.


NHS mental Health crisis new number

The new Freephone number 0800 783 9111 is for anyone who needs urgent mental health support, advice and guidance but callers may be charged if calling from a mobile telephone number.