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ZOOM Social Group from Mid Kent Mind – Starting January

As Mid Kent Mind have continued to adapt our services for the ‘new normal’, we have become conscious that a number of our clients (and potential clients!) have found a transition back to accessing face-to-face support difficult. This has made us mindful that we do not want to un-necessarily limit the support which people can access – so we are delighted to share that we have self-funded a virtual social group to address this.
Every Monday starting in January of 2022, people will have the opportunity to join us for a ninety-minute social group session where they will have the opportunity to meet new people and explore the benefits that peer support can bring to our mental health.
For more details on this group, and how to access these sessions come January, please visit:


Life Skills Course – Starting Wednesday November 24th

Mid Kent Mind are delighted to share that we are working with our colleagues at West Kent Mind to offer a five-week psychotherapy course known as ‘Life Skills’. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Anxiety, depression, and related problems
  • How your thinking affects your mood and behaviour
  • How negative moods and behaviours are maintained
  • How to challenge unhelpful thinking
  • How to develop and use a range of strategies to help you manage mood and behaviour

Spaces on these courses are limited, and we hope that people will be able access these courses and experience the benefits which they bring with them. All of these spaces are available free of charge, but they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Click here for more details:




Low-Cost Counselling Service

Mid Kent Mind are continuing to provide a Low-Cost Counselling Service to any who is over the age of eighteen. We have a range of flexible appointments available to suit your needs, and can offer face-to-face counselling, or counselling via the telephone or on a video call.
This service aims to give you a safe time and place where you can talk to someone who won’t judge you, whilst also providing you with the opportunity to make sense of things and better understand yourself. A large number of our counsellors are trainee counsellors – hence the ability to provide this service at a low-cost.
Sessions are available at the flat rate of £15 per session.
For more details, visit our website.


Digital Managing Me Course Starting November 18th

Mid Kent Mind are offering a new ‘Managing Me’ course on the 18th of November thanks to funding which has been received from Kent County Council.
Managing Me is a 6 week course specifically designed to provide young people with a chance to learn how to cope with life and focuses on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and self-image.
These sessions are available free-of-charge thanks to funding from KCC’s Early Help teams – and although spaces are based on priority access for young people in Canterbury, any young people in our area can book onto this session.
For more details, including how to book, please visit our website.






Spaces on Mid Kent Mind Youth Courses Starting Next Week

There are currently last-minute spaces available on Mid Kent Mind’s Managing Me and Bounce Back courses – providing young people with the opportunity to learn more about mental health and how they can positively and proactively take steps to support themselves.
Our Bounce Back course is focussed on emotional resilience- teaching young people how they can combat stress, deal with emotions and reduce anxiety so they can ‘bounce back’ from the challenges they face in life.
We currently have space available on a course starting on the 22nd of October – with full details here:
Managing Me is a 6 week course specifically designed to provide young people with a chance to learn how to cope with life and focuses on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and self-image. We have two Managing Me courses starting soon – with details found below.
Managing Me – Ages 9 – 13 – Starting 20th of October:
Managing Me – Ages 14 – 18 – Starting 21st of October:
If you have any queries about these courses, you are welcome to e-mail mid-kent mind


New Domestic Abuse Service for Men Opens in Kent

A new confidential Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment Service, funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner will support male victims in Kent and Medway. 

In a first for Kent, a new victims service wholly focused on men will offer support to male victims of domestic abuse. The new Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment Service will be managed by Ashford based charity Dads Unlimited and has secured two years funding for this vital service from the Police and Crime Commissioner. The Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment Service also known as ‘DAVE’ will make a huge difference across the county to the estimated one in six men who are, or have been, victims of domestic abuse.

Please see more information about this new service attached


One-To-One Recovery Action Plan

Adult RAPs are being offered to increase the wellbeing and improve the mental health of those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. These one-on-one sessions with Mid Kent Mind’s wellbeing workers will provide people with structured support as they begin to return to life under the ‘New Normal’.
Over the course of a Recovery Action Plan, people will have the opportunity to identify areas where they may have struggled during the pandemic, and will be encouraged and supported as they take proactively steps to manage those areas in the future.
The Recovery Action Plan consists of the ten following areas:

  • Managing Mental Health
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Health and Self-care
  • Relationships
  • Social Networks
  • Aspirations
  • Responsibilities
  • Addictive / Challenging Behaviour
  • Identity 
  • Self-esteem

For more details on how to book a six-week Recovery Action Plan, click here:


Suicide&Co Counselling Service

Navigating suicide bereavement can be hard. Suicide loss is devastating and quite often adds complicated layers to the already difficult grieving process.

We want to give those bereaved access to a safe space where they can work through this grief with trained counsellors. We offer up to 12 sessions of counselling and people can apply by simply filling out our online form ( someone will then be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application.

All sessions are happening via video call for the foreseeable future, but we will send a revised version of this document when we change that due to the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions.

Please find information providing more details on the service and eligibility criteria attached


Tackling My Teens – FREE Course for Ages 11 – 18

– Starting November 2021.

Do you know a young person who is nervous or apprehensive about the future? Perhaps having the opportunity to explore topics like progressing in education, or managing relationships, would be useful to them?

If so – Tackling My Teens may be a course which can support them.

This course is delivered in partnership with Youth Resilience UK and is available free-of-charge thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. Over the course of a five-week programme young people will have the opportunity to explore different topics which will better equip them with the knowledge and the tools they need to progress into adulthood confidently.

This course covers a wide range of topics – ranging from Managing Mental Health to Life Skills, Aspirations and Social Networks, and is designed to cover multiple areas where young people can build resilience.

For more details on this programme, and how young people can book a free space, make sure to visit the Mid-Kent Mind website.






Mindfulness and Me Sessions (18+)

Mid Kent Mind are offering more Mindfulness sessions for adults in the Mid Kent area thanks to generous funding from The Cobtree Charity Trust.
This programme focusses on teaching individuals more about mindfulness – and how they can acknowledge and accept their thoughts, feelings and body sensations in positive ways.
The course is designed to help people to understand how Mindfulness can be a beneficial tool when it comes to building emotional resilience – helping people to manage their mental health proactively so that they can prevent themselves from experiencing periods of mental ill health.
For more details on this programme, and how to book a space, please click here:


space2beme zoom meetings

Space 2 Be Me are pleased to share details of our Virtual Space 2 Talk drop-in sessions for September – December.

We are continuing to use a booking system for these sessions. To book, please go to the relevant Eventbrite link:

September 17th 12pm

October 11th 8pm

November 10th 10am

December 7th 1pm

If you have any issues with booking, please email


FREE Virtual Peer-Support Quiz For Young People

Mid Kent Mind are offering free spaces on a virtual Quiz session for young people later this September – titled ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Summer’.
As part of the Reconnect Programme, Mid Kent Mind are delighted to share another project delivered in partnership with Youth Resilience UK – our Big Fat Quiz Of The Summer.
Let’s start with the most important thing – this isn’t a competitive session, and we don’t want young people to feel as though they have to compare themselves to others by taking part in these sessions. This Quiz session is all about bringing young people together and providing a safe space and time where young people can meet new people, network, and build a support network of friends who can support them as they return to school this September.
We hope that by giving young people an event to look forward to, we can provide young people with a well-being boost so that they feel positive and prepared for their return to the school environment. The key aim here is to encourage a positive sense of well-being – with the quiz just being a medium through which we can bring people together.
We know that balancing engagement with the quiz is important, too – so young people who do take part and win the quiz will have a chance to win an Amazon Voucher. We’re keen to stress that the focus isn’t a competitive one. Rather, we’re encouraging young people to take part and we hope they feel a sense of achievement from taking a step towards networking with other young people.
For more details, people are encouraged to visit:


FREE Calligraphy Courses

Working with Youth Resilience UK, we are providing a free three-week Calligraphy Programme for young people in the Maidstone area. 

This three-week Calligraphy course which will encourage young people to learn basic skills around calligraphy. As a part of the group they will have the opportunity to learn how to create name tags and place cards. 

The hope is that this group will encourage young people to develop new skills and interests – benefitting their wellbeing during an otherwise difficult and challenging period of time.  

All participants receive a free Calligraphy Starter Kit. 

For details on how to register your interest, please visit the mid kent mind website.  


Mid-Kent Mind mindfull quizzing

This group is all themed around bringing young people together during the Summer Holidays – encouraging them to make new friends and experience the benefits of peer support whilst also developing their understanding of how doing things which they enjoy can have benefits for their wellbeing. 

Every week young people who take part in the Social Quiz will have the opportunity to win a £5 Amazon Voucher – with the hope being that this will provide an incentive for young people to proactively engage with the group. 

For details on how to register your interest, please visit the mid kent mind website.


Life After Lockdown

Life After Lockdown is a course developed in partnership with Youth Resilience UK which aims to provide young people with the knowledge and skills they need to better adapt to the ‘new normal’ which we are all dealing with. 

This four-week programme of one-hour sessions is designed to explore social networks, isolation, and also how we all manage our relationships following the long-term lockdown necessary during the pandemic. 

By exploring these areas (alongside others!) we hope to have open discussions with young people with the aim of developing emotional resilience so young people are better equipped for a return to schools this September. 

As a part of this programme, young people are encouraged to take part in a Mindful Bingo sheet over the Summer holidays – encouraging young people to embrace the benefits of mindfulness over the holiday period. Any young person completing this will be in with a chance of winning a £25 Amazon Voucher. 

For details on how to register your interest, please visit the mid kent mind website.


FREE Training For Parents/Carers Wanting To Learn About Youth Mental Health

We are delighted to share that, thanks to funding through the HeadStart Kent programme, we are able to offer free 1/2 Day MHFA Youth training for Parents & Carers across Kent.

This training provides a fantastic opportunity for parents and carers to learn more about the problems which face their young people, and crucially, how they can support them with their mental health and wellbeing.

This introductory MHFA session raises awareness of young people’s mental health. It covers:

  • Some of the common mental health issues affecting young people, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and psychosis
  • Skills to work more effectively with young people living with mental health issues
  • Ways to support young people with a mental health issue and relate to their experiences

For more details on how to book, please click here.


Space2beme summer activities

Space 2 Be Me are delighted to announce their summer programme of face to face events and activities, details of which are available on their website  These consist of both family events, and Space 2 Be Me Time activities (giving parents and carers some time to themselves).