Centre Facilities

Ricoh Photocopier

Ricoh Photocopier


Photocopying, Printing and Scanning service

A4 cost per side:  b&w – 10p   colour – 20p

A3 cost per side:  b&w – 20p   colour – 40p

Scanning: 20p per sheet (A3/A4)

(discounts available for multiple copies and anything employment related is free of charge)

Public Computers

Fusion Move their public access computers

Free use of desktop computers

Computers can be used between 9am -3pm whilst the centre is open. Please use the equipment with care, and do not eat or drink whilst using the computers to avoid any unnecessary damages.

The computers are now at the back of the centre to give a bit more privacy while using them. 

TV Information Screens

TV Information Screens

Wall-Mounted Information Screens

See our screens for what’s going on at Fusion and beyond, and our health campaigns providing local useful information.


FREE WiFi here

Free WiFi
is available in all areas of the centre

Just ask at Reception to get the WiFi code. 

  • Free Internet Access
  • Free Mobile Phone Charging
  • Free Public Computers