Yearly Archive 11/06/2023


A Message from our Chairman

Covid-19 is all over

No it isn’t, it’s coming back in a new variant, and striking all ages.

If you are entitled to a booster jab, don’t be foolish and think you have had enough already, take it. Most surgeries are offering to give Flu and Covid-19 jabs at the same time. Check with your surgery, or on something like Patient Access for the details. Having the jab may not stop you having Covid-19, but it is likely that you will get a much milder attack.




A Message from our Chairman

It is with great sadness that I have to advise you all that the KCC has confirmed that our Adult Social Care Grant of £29,000 will be reduced to £14,500
for the first 6 months of this year and then permanently cancelled.


This will obviously put enormous pressure on our budget, and it may well
be that we will have to discontinue some of the functions we hold.
Next year the pressure will be even more acute.


The situation could have been even worse if Clair Bell a Cabinet Member
and Gary Cooke our local KCC Member had not fought our corner.


This brings into focus just how much the local community must step up to the mark to help its local charities, or lose them.


Fusion Review of 2022

Fusion Review of 2022

This is an excerpt from the Fusion Review of 2022 booklet.  The entire four page booklet can be downloaded in .PDF format by simply clicking on this link HERE

To read a PDF file you will need a PDF reader.  The software is free and can be downloaded here
(Adobe reader)

BySue Maidens

New Reception Desk at Fusion

No need to wander around Fusion looking for Reception.  Its now right at the Front as you walk in the main doors.  There you can find out about what is going on at Fusion today.  Want WiFi?  Get the Code from Reception. 

BySue Maidens

Fusion move their Public Computers

The computers available for public use at Fusion have been moved!  They have been relocated to a more private area and are no longer in the very public area of the Coffee Shop.  It was decided that due to the modern requirement to use the Internet to do almost anything from buying shopping to claiming a benefit moving the computers to a more secluded part of Fusion was needed.

BySue Maidens

Fusion Win TWO Maidstone Compassionate Community Awards

On Tuesday the 1st of November 2022 the Fusion team attended the Compassionate Community Award ceremony hosted by Maidstone Borough Council  and Heart of Kent Hospice . A lovely evening was had by all!

Fusion would like to say a massive thank you to all that nominated us in the 2022 Compassionate Community Awards.

We are delighted to announce that Fusion won the Compassionate Workplace/Business award, which we are incredibly humbled by BUT our amazing, beautiful, fantastic Chloe Hubbard won the Compassionate Young Person award too! So, we’re double winners! See if you can spot Chloe in the photo above.

This means the world to us. Fusion isn’t just a workplace, it’s a family. We’re lucky enough to have a fantastic community to work with, so most days it doesn’t feel like work!

Congratulations to all the other winners – thoroughly well deserved.

Again, we just want to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated us

Sue Maidens accepting the Compassionate Workplace/Business award

Sue Maidens CEO of Fusion accepts
the first award for
Compassionate Workplace/Business
from the Mayor of Maidstone,
Cllr Derek Mortimer.

Compassionate Young Person award

Chloe Hubbard of Fusion Maidstone accepts
the second award for
Compassionate Young Person 
from the Mayor of Maidstone,
Cllr Derek Mortimer.