The priority services register


The priority services register

This service is available free through your Gas and Electricity supplier and your local Water Company such as South East Water. 

Check if you are eligible: 

You are eligible if you: 

  • Have reached your state pension age 
  • Are disabled or have a long-term medical condition. 
  • Are recovering from an injury. 
  • Have a hearing or sight condition. 
  • Have a mental health condition. 
  • Are pregnant or have young children. 
  • Have extra communication needs (such as you don’t speak or read English well). 

You might still be able to register for other reasons if your situation isn’t listed. For example, if you need short-term support after a stay in hospital. 

You can apply by contacting your energy supplier or water supplier either through their website or by phoning them. Care if you have a different supplier for gas and electricity you will have to contact them both. If you switch supplier you will need to register again. 

During the past week, one of our Trustees had water delivered to his door and a phone call after an unscheduled power cut offering help if there were any problems. 

Just Google “The Priority Services Register” if you want more information, but if not then sign up. 

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